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Admission of foreign students to Bayburt University in the 2016-2017 academic year will be carried out according to there sults of the exams performeda broad which are recognised as equivalentand according to the results of the exams performed by the universities them selves for foreign students.

Application will be made from the date of 10.07.2017.

Students who are entitled to en roll to Bayburt University will be announced in our website 

Applications of candidates who have given false or inaccurate information during the interactive application will be definitely not accepted.

"Turkish Proficiency Exam will be conducted by TOMER on 26/09/2017" 

Note:The applicants don’t have to send any documents by mail, because the application process of the foreign students will be carried out online. Applicants entitled to enroll the university have to hand in the required documents during the final registration to the university.

Registration of candidates who apply with in complete documents will definitely not be carried out.When failure is detected in the documents of the candidate, even after there gistration to the university,There lation ship between the students and the Bayburt University will be interrupted.


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