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International Student Admission period of Bayburt University will be opened on started from 12.07.2021 according to the results of the equivalent exams held abroad and international student exams held by uther universities accepted as equivalent and diploma grades.

Students who are entitled to enroll to Bayburt University will be announced in our website

The personal information you provide in the application (Telephone Number, Mail Address, etc.) must be your own information that you constantly use.

The candidates who will apply with high school grade average should also upload the document shows the graduation grade to the system if there is no graduation grade in their diplomas.

Applications of candidates who have given false or inaccurate information during the interactive application will be definitely not accepted.

Registration of candidates who apply with incomplete documents will definitely not be carried out.

Even if the candidates are registered to the Bayburt University, in case of an error in their documents, their relationship with the university will be terminated.

Note 1:

The applicants don’t have to send any documents by mail, because the application process of the foreign students will be carried out online. Applicants entitled to enroll the university have to hand in the required documents during the final registration to the university.

Note 2:

Click here for special conditions have to provide by who accepted Demirözü Vocational School Civil Aviation Transportation Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services and Vocational School of Technical Sciences Private Security and Protection Programs.

Note 3:

Candidates who will apply to the programs within the Faculty of Sports Sciences and the Faculty of Art and Design must take the Special Talent Test.

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